Funny People Cry Too

Sarah produces and hosts an ongoing storytelling show in Los Angeles called: Funny People Cry Too where storytellers share personal, heartfelt stories of the pain being the facade of being funny.
The show takes place in an intimate space designed to bring people together in Los Angeles and help abolish the stigma against mental illness.

Release Date: Summer 2020


Street Wisdom

Street Wisdom tells the deeply moving stories of 16 homeless individuals, how they came to be without a home and the Biblical wisdom Sarah gained during her year with the most overlooked people of society.

About The Book

Sarah graduated with a degree in journalism, her intent was to be a news anchor, but she couldn't shake her keen interest on the homeless individuals that hung around her university.
She felt a desire to know them because if she was being honest...they reminded her of her mother.
Sarah was raised by her mentally ill mother who went undiganosed with schizoaffective disorder for 50 years. Out of shame and guilt her mother's behavior was her fault, she silenced herself about the pain stirring through her home until college graduation.
After graduation, Sarah took a drastic turn in her career and decided to spend a year with the homeless individuals on the streets. She longed to know how they came to be without a home as a deep fear lived inside her that perhaps this could have been her life.
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