I began my career working as a photojournalist in third world countries, writing with a focus on global poverty. After three years of working as a photojournalist in Haiti, Ecuador, and Nepal, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my love for storytelling.

My greatest passion is to abolish the stigma surrounding mental illness. This dream fueled my desire to be a writer and actress, telling stories that bring hope and healing to the viewer, pursue stand up comedy finding humor in the pain, and eventually lead me to create Funny People Cry Too, a digital network and live storytelling show where individuals share their personal stories about mental health to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

I have been an actress on Nashville, Deadly Sins, My Crazy Ex, and was the girl in Fall Out Boy’s Music Video of The Year “Uma.” I have put my comedic skills to use in stand up comedy performing at venues such as The Comedy Store, Ice House, and Flappers. As a host, I have been a spokesperson for educational and training videos for major corporations and have represented over 20 brands in national commercials.

Best known as a storyteller, I have turned my unique experience as the daughter of a mother with schizoaffective disorder, who went undiagnosed for 50 years, into the written word. After college, I took a year off to spend time with the homeless community in my hometown to better understand my own mother's journey. Now, I'm here to share that story with you. Stay informed with my upcoming book I Am Human Too, by subscribing to the digital network here at: Funny People Cry Too.