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* Graduate of The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), educational program.

* Board certified as a peer educator and teacher through END THE SILENCE, a national program educating students

how to heal their mental health.

* Mental Health Teacher on the JoyScore health and wellness app.

* Runner up in the national Southeast

Public Speaking Content.



Public speaking, extensive experience with children, expert in the lived-experience

* Expert in teleprompter, improvisation,

and memorizing copy.

* Went to school to be a news anchor.

* Trained in improv at UCB.


* Trained in hosting at Become A Host with Mark Costello.

* Has represented 20+ brands as a spokesperson for internal corporate training videos and commercials.




Live hosting, game shows, interview-style shows,
karaoke parties.

* Graduated summa cum laude with

a BA in journalism and a double minor in theatre and screenwriting.

* Stand Up Comedian for 3 years, extensive experience in joke

writing and storytelling.

* Published author at 21-years-old for her humorist essay in the essay book: Time Of The Month.

* Personal blog gained a 3,000 person following and is now on the trajectory to be a book.



Copywriting, blog posts, social media posts and management, specialized in topics related to health, wellness, and mental health.