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Sarah has a secret. She was raised by a mother who lived with an untreated mental health condition. At a young age, Sarah developed a terrifying fear that she and her mother would someday end up being homeless. Feeling like the only little girl in the world with a mother like hers, Sarah has nobody she can relate to.


When Sarah goes to college, she starts to notice similarities between her mother and people on the street who hang out near her campus. She starts to ask herself Why do homeless people remind me of my mother? If they ended up on the street, could that happen to my mother too? For her college internship, Sarah decides to pursue a writing position at a nonprofit for homeless people. She sits and visits with fellow human beings without homes, listening to their stories and feeling their pain, as an unsettling recognition dwells inside Sarah that this could have been her life too. 


I Am Human Too is an insightful, thought-provoking journey of how 16 homeless individuals ended up on the street. Putting her journalism skills to use, Sarah writes with gut-wrenching honesty, revealing how she came to understand her mother’s fragile mental state by way of the most overlooked group of people in society, the homeless community. 


A portion of every book sold will go directly back to feed the homeless community.

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